Women Deliver Conference 2013 Videos

The decade’s largest conference on women took place in this past week, and the videos of the discussions are online.  The link for the videos is below; are worthwhile, but the 6th video down, entitled “Presidential Session: Ending Violence Against Women” is especially relevant for FEM. The panel includes Gary Barker, from Promundo and MenEngage, as well as Times of India columnist Bachi Karkaria.

To view, click here;



Behind a Healthy Woman, there’s Girls and Men

“Men–and girls– are now being very much encouraged to be part of a global system to helping women have healthy babies, and healthier lives.” As FEM works on including men and boys in the fight for gender equality, a global conference on Women is taking place in Malaysia. Here is one response to the conference, which calls for a higher focus on the engagement of men and girls in gender issues.


Can ‘Women Deliver’ make a difference?

Thousands of women’s rights advocates, policymakers and civil society groups are gathering in Malaysia this week for the third Women Deliver conference. Guests include Melinda Gates; the head of the UN Development Programme, Helen Clark; UNFPA’s executive director Babatunde Osotimehin, and acting head of UN Women Lakshmi Puri. In addition, CHSJ’s Abhijit Das and representatives of MenCare and Promundo are there. Will the international conference make a difference in the local experiences of women and girls? Here is one take on the issue. More to come.


Midwives do more than deliver babies

This article is from a speech by Kate Gilmore at the Women Deliver conference in Malaysia. FEM and MenCare are at the conference, and it is important for FEM members to stay updated on the events there.  As a group of organizations and individuals dedicated to creating a more gender equitable society, we should learn from numerous points of view on the topic. To read the excerpt, click here:


Maharashtra’s ‘progressive’ policy for transgenders seeks ‘preventive measures’

Even as the Maharashtra government congratulated itself for addressing issues of the transgender population in a draft policy announced earlier this month, one of the provisions of the policy, which states people being transgender can be prevented through medical care, has angered the marginalised community. By this, the government has failed to acknowledge that being transgender is a choice of many people, the community’s empathisers say.


Breather for sex workers in anti-rape law

NEW DELHI: The amended anti-rape law does not include prostitution as a form of exploitation unlike the ordinance that criminalized sex work. The Criminal Law Amendment Bill, 2013 makes a distinction between sexual exploitation and consensual adult sex work. The move was welcomed by sex workers and activists who had slammed the ordinance that defined prostitution as exploitation.