Debunking misconception about transgender/transsexuality !

Recently India became the seventh country to recognise the third gender status to individuals who do not fit into the two gender binary. Six other countries namely, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Germany, Australia and New Zealand had already recognised the issue of third gender or ambiguous gender with administrative processes in place to provide better accountability and inclusion into the national decision making process and developmental policy and programmes. However, many popular myth or misconceptions about transgender upon which they are othered, marginalised and most importantly appropriated still inhabits the mind of the masses which also keeps making a round and exhibits itself in public places and forum. The question is how long will the people and the leaders keep on appropriating the trans identity in their mind when they know that they know almost nothing at all about trans sensibilities? How long will we unconsciously allow such appropriation to go on, even ourselves indulging in it? When will we feel ashamed of being an agent of such a distortion of a persons identity and creating unnecessary stigma? a guide towards allyship, is a website offering a hand to hand guide towards debunking misconceptions about transgender/transsexuality and towards better understanding of trans sensibilities. The following page in the website offers an insight into a few misconception about the gender and sexual identity of a trans person.