Transgenders to be inducted into Tamil Nadu Homeguard service – Madurai District Police.

A key concern in a transgenders struggle for autonomy, rights and dignity is a fight for accountability – be it social, familial, financial etc. A patriarchal society is based on a binary division of gender through which it assorts gender roles and the respective social, familial, national, etc., accountability of each gender. Transgenders are a problem for such a system of categorisation of human, infact transgenders problematise such a categorisation. What is problematic is the rigidity of patriarchy in its own ideological belief system such that the lack of a system to account for transgender in patriarchy is overlooked and infact turned towards the transgenders whereby transgenders are projected as unnatural and as a social problem. A step towards a more egalitarian society means breaking down the patriarchal construct existing in the society and acknowledging the limits of patriarchy and understanding how that limit creates social inequities. Which in case of transgenders means that the society have to undo the stigma and stereotype that it has created upon and around transgenders; take up efforts to realise and acknowledge the credibility and accountability that a transgender individual embodies and to provide a space in the society and the world for these potential to grow and develop with dignity.

A step by Madurai district police to start inducting transgender into its service is a recommendable step towards creating a world whereby the potentials of a transgender will be fully realised and acknowledged in order to restore dignity to the life of a transgender.

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