JURRAT – A week long campaign on violence against women, from Dec 10 to 16 December 2013, Delhi

Swaang (a Mumbai based theatre and protest music group) and Majma (a Delhi based cultural group) are organizing on 16th December 2013 Jurrat: Aazaad Chalo, Bebaak Chalo –  a show of strength by the citizens of Delhi, women and men, to claim back the streets of Delhi.

Read for more details about the event at:






Jurrat for us signifies the urgent need for women and men to both question and act beyond the oppressive gendered norms. The campaign aims at interrogating and broadening the popular discourse on gender violence beyond the hyperbole of media narratives. It will do so by foregrounding the varying degrees and shades of violence experienced by women in both private and public spheres. While exploring the contoured nature of the issue, the campaign will focus on select themes, including ‘love’ and violence (stalking, obsession, acid attacks, honour killings etc) domestic violence (its banal and stark forms) and violence of/in the city (the self-regulatory as well as the more coercive practices that mediate women’s access and relationship to public spaces, including sexual violence).


Jurrat is Courage! Audacity! Our brazen spirit! Our fearless stride together to recognize, speak out, protest and act against the manifold forms of violence faced by women in both private and public spaces. An effort to claim back the city, A ‘show of strength’, the cry of our conscience against our own complacency, Jurrat is a resolution that from now on there shall be no more victims only survivors. Jurrat is the collective cry of “No more!” Jurrat is a promise unto ourselves that “We shall fight”.


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