Art show on homosexuality comes under attack by moral police

How long will an artist’s creativity and the voice of the ‘alternative’ be vandalized under the tag ‘Western’ or  ‘Against Indian Culture’? It has been an on-going pattern in this country that whenever an alternative voice tries to speak up they are tagged as being ‘against Indian culture’ which is then used as a legitimate reason to vandalise them and their work. And such an act of moral policing is often associated with violence even resorting to physical abuse. Another concern regarding such vandalism is the silence from the people against such an act. Let’s not forget that today their target could be ‘him/her/ze’ but tomorrow it could be anyone of us. The fact of the matter is that the parties which conduct such acts of moral policing have the least idea of what an ‘Indian Culture’ really comprises. They aren’t really patrons of the rich Indian culture and heritage. If there is anything that reflects in their anger then it is a sense of intolerance and ignorance. Following the cancellation of an exhibition of a collection of paintings by Balbir Krishan, a UP based gay artiste in Hyderabad by a political party of the city citing ‘nudity’ and ‘homosexuality’ as being against Indian culture and the negligence of police and the judiciary system in the country towards such vandalism, one cannot help but doubt the so called democracy of the country and the right to freedom of expression. As for their dubious understanding of the term ‘Indian culture’, it only reflects a culture of rage, violence and destruction.

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