Immunity and impunity in peace keeping: the protection gap

The writer feels that the failure to tackle the root cause for the continued violence against women lies in a failure to embrace the root cause of it which lies in how gender plays out in conflict and post conflict environment/situations and a general tendency in institutions working wicth such situations to “replicate the conduct of violence and discrimination” instead of protecting against or redressing violence.

She further says, “How this happens is a matter of the gendered constructs of masculinities,- always exacerbated when there is militarism and war, -and the absence of any sort of institutional response to prevent or address it. What is interesting is that those who perpetrate acts of sexual violence in the context of trafficking, are a minority numerically. Which means that the silence of the majority has to be understood and addressed: why are they silent, what needs to be done to end that silence and how do we get them to be part of the solution?”

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