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Government to treat acid as poison and regulate sales

Acid attacks are an incredibly cruel and malevolent way to harm somebody for life – and often kill them. This is all-too-often occurence in India, and thankfully the government is finally taking steps to regulate the sale of the dangerous acid. Click the link to see details from the The Times of India.

The one thing all men feel but never admit

A new documentary called The Mask You Live In will explore the societal pressure put on boys and men, and how that negatively affects their ability to express themselves, and, thus, decreases their overall happiness. This is very relevant in India, where boys recieve harmful messages about how they should act.

Why Dad’s don’t take paternity leave

Many companies are now starting to adopt policies granting longer paid leave for new fathers, which should be a sign of progress.  But many men are still faced with societal pressures to put their career ahead of their family, and they choose to work instead of spending time with their newborns. What should we do about this?

What do you do if you have been raped?

This piece shows how broken the Indian justice system is when it comes to getting justice for rape survivors. Hipocrisy and misogyny runs deep in the process, causing some to equate the process of looking for justice as a “re-rape.” For a look inside the agonizing process, click the link below.–050017083.html

How Do You Survive Being Named ‘The Park Street Rape Victim’?

This is a fascinating, thorough piece on Suzette Jordan’s experience after being gangraped in Kolkata, and being termed ‘The Park Street Rape Victim.’ Her quest for justice included mazes of bureaucracy, unreliable police and doctors, and strategic use of the media.  It is a sad exhibition of how difficult it is for survivors of rape to find justice.–054758334.html