Take the Pledge: Fight discrimination, and violence together

On April 18th, FEM and hundreds of others were out at Select Citywalk to take a pledge against committing or tolerating violence.  Here is what the Hindu has to say about it:



A Call for Peace and Justice

Thanks to everyone that came out to Select Citywalk last night to say NO to violence! It was a successful, energetic event, which showed reason for optimism despite all the recent abhorrent news stories.   Here is an article about the program.


And for photos from the event on Facebook, see here.



MenCare made this inspiring short film about Steven of Sri Lanka, who took on an active parenting role after his wife went abroad for work.  Seeing Steven ignore the demands of patriarchy for the betterment of his family is something we can all learn from.

The crisis in our community

What should we do when collective compassion turns to despair? That is a common issue when dealing with rapes in our culture, and this article looks at rape as part of a bigger problem, and gives examples of alternative ways to prevent rape and other crimes. This includes analyzing the role of violence in young Indian men’s lives, resonating with FEM’s views that sexual violence is part of larger problems including the roles of masculinity.