Of men, by men, all for women (by Jayashree Nandi, Times of India)

NEW DELHI: Men don’t cry. Most men don’t enter the kitchen or change baby diapers either. Most men resent their wives working and contributing financially to the household. These stereotypes may dominate our minds but across India, there are several men working with and mobilizing men solely on women’s issues. They work in villages and cities in many states to fight patriarchy — be it to welcome women in the workplace or stop indiscriminate swearing with ‘gali bandh classes’.

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My mother, my breadwinner

MUMBAI: The woman who brings home the roti used to be seen as an aberration earlier. Today, this societal mindset is fast changing. Across the economic spectrum, several women are assuming the role of the main provider for their families—either due to circumstance or by choice.


Attention, Indian women rising: Self defence can land you in jail

Two men drove up in a government jeep and began to harass a group of young women standing outside a fast-food restaurant. The crowd looked silently on as one of the women, Amrita Mohan, got into an altercation with the men. They drove away and came back with reinforcements, ready to avenge the insult.


Ordinance on Crime Against Women in Parliament

The Ordinance bringing stringent amendments to criminal laws to check crime against women was today laid on the table in the Rajya Sabha.

Government will bring a bill incorporating some more provisions to replace the Ordinance in this session. The bill is before the Union Cabinet.


The Rape Report: 3 Sisters Raped, Murdered in Nagpur

Three minor sisters were allegedly raped and murdered at Murwadi village in neighbouring Bhandara district in Nagpur, police said today.

The bodies of the girls, all below 11 years and missing since February 14, were found in a well in their native village on February 16 and a complaint in this regard was lodged by their family on February 17.