No shades of grey here

There’s no sex in rape. No love. No pleasure. Except that which comes from inflicting pain. There’s no pride either, the pride that comes from killing someone for what you believe in. Rape doesn’t even empower you because power comes from defeating an enemy stronger than you. To inflict pain on someone weaker is an admission of cowardice, particularly when you attack her in a pack. So why do so many rapes, gang rapes take place every day, every few minutes in this country we so proudly call our own? And, as we all know, 85 per cent rapes are not even reported out of shame or fear of reprisal. Even when they are, in 50 per cent cases the police don’t file FIRs. As for Dalits, no one so much as raises an eyebrow when they are raped or killed. And when law makers and law enforcers do it, the State machinery goes into overdrive to deny it.


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