How much is too much?

On my way back home one day, I took an auto rickshaw that had Punjabi songs blaring. Curious, I asked who the singer was. “Honey Singh,” he said, his head swinging to the beats. Considering we were in Ghaziabad and the driver sounded like an inhabitant of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, I asked if he understood Punjabi. He said only a bit but the songs give him a kick because they have words that describe female anatomy in great detail and some of them extol rape. Surprised, I asked him how he got them and how he played them when female passengers were in the auto. “I play them at night when they have no other option but to behave as if they are either not listening or can’t understand. The CDs are available on footpaths in MP3 (format). You just have to ask, ‘Honey Singh ka gande (dirty) song wala CD de do.’”


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