What do you mean when you say you are against rape?

There has been unequivocal condemnation of the heinous rape and murder of a girl in a Delhi bus two weeks ago. But I don’t think it’s safe yet to say that we are all clearly against rape.

On its front page today, the Times of India carried a terrifying story of a girl who has told the police that she was raped by two men who she got to know online and then met at a New Year’s eve party in Delhi. The accused have already been produced in court and sent to custody. Yet the majority of the comments on the piece online blame the girl for going to a party with men she did not know. “Why did the girl went to the party with the unknown persons? this is her mistake too.” says commenter N Priyadarshini, and two people agree with her. Dozens of other commenters have similar things to say.



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