Campaign Against Rape by Women’s Movement in India

Women’s rights movement in India gained a national character with an anti-rape movement in 1980. Its genesis lay in the excesses committed by the state repressive machinery during the Emergency Rule in India from 1975 to 1977. For many middle class women it came as a major shock. In the post emergency period, civil liberties organisations also highlighted rape of women in the police custody, mass rape of poor, untouchable and Muslim women during caste and communal riots and sexual molestation of tribal women by Central Reserve Police (CRP), State Reserve Police (SRP) and other para-military forces. The print media gave an enormous coverage to the testimonies of women victims of sexual violence. Many began to question the powers given to the police and State authorities in the control of people’s lives. In 1980, when the Supreme Court of India gave its verdict on the Mathura Rape Case, there was a national outcry.

Word Document:  Campaign against Rape in India-Vibhuti Patel 20-12-2012[1]


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